About ALMD

Augusta Landscape & Mulch Distributors manufactures a product unlike any you’ve seen before!
Superintendent’s Blend™.
Superintendent’s Blend ™ is a multi-bark mulch that improves the microbial balance while replenishing annual nutrients and minerals in the soil. Textured to improve air, water, and fertilizer migration, Superintendent’s Blend ™ is resilient mulch eliminating the need for second material applications or the need for soil amendments.
Our products are not merely for golf courses. Our mulch is playground certified, kid safe, and ready to go on playgrounds at schools, churches, and parks. ALMD is also ready to go in neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and other residential and business areas.
Picture Walt 1-18-2014

Walt Pendleton is a lifelong golfer, innovator, and dreamer, he has taken his passion for the game and leveraged it into a passion for the products which enhance the beauty of the game. Now, he takes on the beautification and sustainability of landscaping to a whole new level.

Walt, his wife, and his three children reside in Augusta, GA, just a few miles away from the most prestigious golf club in the world; the Augusta National.



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